Small animal section includes:

  • Rabbits and guinea pigs
  • Mice and gerbils
  • Syrian and Dwarf hamsters
  • Fancy rats
  • African Pygmy hedgehogs
  • Small animal cages, indoor and outdoor rabbit hutches and cages, feeds and feeders, treats and treatments, supplements, leads and harnesses, toys and playthings and much, much more. Products from most major manufacturers including:
    • Beaphar
    • Norfolk Pastures
    • Happy Pet
    • Vitacraft
    • Critters Choice
    • Super Pet
    • Habitrail
    • Critter Trail
    • Armitage Pet Care

Cat and Dog section includes :

Dog cages, Beds,feeders, treats and treatments, supplements,High quality grooming equipment and shampoos, leads and harnesses, toys and playthings and much, much more. Products from most major manufacturers including:

  • Pet Head
  • Rosewood
  • Pet Rebellion
  • Pet Mate
  • Mikki
  • Kong
  • Good Boy
  • Good Girl
  • Cat It, Dog It
  • Armitage Pet Care
  • Shirley's


Services we offer include:

  • Delivery of larger cages and hutches
  • Flat pack hutch assembly service
  • 28 day animal return policy
  • Comprehensive advice from qualified staff

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Keeping small animals with Pet Safari

Nothing elicits more squeals of delight, smiles and exclamations of pleasure from both adults and youngsters alike than the small animal section (the only area that gets almost as much positive response as this is the marine fish section, where living examples of Nemo and his friends are to be found). There is indisputably, nothing more attractive than these cute fluffy (and sometimes prickly!) bundles of fun.


Our genuine belief is that everyone, especially children should have a small animal friend to care for as they are a perfect way to learn about life cycle concepts. Commitment, caring and responsibility, love and sharing are all positive lessons that can be learnt from keeping a small animal.


The small animals we supply are sourced only from a tiny handful of authorised trade sources and more frequently from private breeders who are always passionate about the particular animal species that is their specialty.


Small Animals Currently Available 11/07/17:

Syrian Hamsters

Mongolian Gerbils

Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Guinea pigs



Housing and accessories

One of the most important considerations is housing and Pet Safari offer a wide choice of indoor and outdoor cages and hutches together with everything you will need to kit them out, ensuring maximum comfort for your new friend. We also stock a wide range of small animal feeds, treats, bedding, harnesses, toys and maintenance accessories.



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The hay is produced by only the best variety of grasses includung Rye,Timothy and Cocksfoot .It is cut in the summer months when it is at its freshest and dried naturally . The straw is Barley straw which is much softer and safer for your pet unlike wheat straw commonly sold which is sharp and brittle and can cause your pet harm.

Great value as it is compressed into reasonable sized bales for easy storage and long lasting use.

norfolk pastures dust extracted hay      Norfolk Pastures dust extracted straw

Wide range of small animals

Typically we will have a selection of small animals that will include Syrian and Dwarf hamsters, Fancy mice and rats, various types of gerbil and a selection of rabbits and guinea pigs. When available, we will also have African Pygmy hedgehogs and other exotics. Small animal supply to us can, however, be a little erratic, especially at certain times of the year and out of breeding seasons, so if you are looking for a particular animal or breed variation, to avoid disappointment, please contact us before setting out, especially if you are travelling a long distance.


If you are considering a small animal as a pet then come and talk to one of our qualified advisers (Btec.Nat.Dip. or Bsc. in Animal Management). They will be able to advise on the most suitable animal that will best fit with your expectations, lifestyle and family members. Free information sheets about specific small animals are available, no purchase necessary!


Whatever your interest, call in to Pet Safari for a chat with one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members, who are here to help you have fun and get the facts about keeping small animals.

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For friendly, expert advice on any aspect of keeping small animals, consult our team today and call
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