Reptile and exotic section includes:

  • Lizards
  • Amphibians
  • Snakes
  • Tortoises
  • Giant African land snails
  • Insects & Arachnids
  • Turtles
  • Live and frozen food
  • Vivariums,Terrariums ,Vivarium lighting, heating, decoration, feeds, treatments and much, much more

Products from most major manufacturers, including:

  • Tetra
  • King British
  • Beaphar
  • Komodo
  • Euro Rep
  • Zoo Med
  • Reptiluxe
  • Arcadia
  • Exo Terra
  • Hagen
  • Live Food

Services we offer include:

  • Exotics holiday boarding
  • Vivarium assembly and delivery
  • Free exotic animal health checks

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Current Exotic Livestock

Available instore (11/07/17):

Corn Snakes

House Snake

Albino Chequered Garter Snake

Cb16 Het Albino Hognose

Cuban knight Anoles

Rankin Dragons

Leopard Geckos

Dune Geckos

Fat Tailed Gecko

Crested Gecko

Chinese Cave Gecko

High Red Giant Day Gecko

Lined Day Gecko

Chinese Gliding Frog

Whites tree frogs

Fire Salamander

Fire Bellied Toads

White lipped frogs

Sharp Ribbed newts

Argentine horned frog

Dart Frogs ( Blue Auratus)

African Landsnails ( White Jade)

Stick insects ( Marbled)

Stick insects (Thorny )

Stick insects (Sunny )

Stick insects (Black Velvet)

Forest Scorpians

Desert Scorpian

Curly Haired Tarantula (Spiderlings)

Flame Rump Taratulas

Red knee Tarantulas (spiderling)

Pink Toe Tarantula spiderling)

Millipede - various species

Land Hermit Crabs




Crested Gecko

*These Caledoneon Crested Geckos Make lovely little pets .

They make a great display in a bioactive set up and are reasonably easy to keep .

For friendly, expert advice on any aspect of keeping reptiles and exotics, consult our team today and call
01943_ 464 649


Keeping reptiles and other exotic pets with Pet Safari

Reptiles bring a touch of the truly exotic into our homes. With such a massive range of equipment now available, it is easy to replicate the natural environments these wonderfully diverse animals have evolved in. Steamy, humid tropical rainforests, parched, arid deserts or scrub and grasslands: we will help you create a vivarium home that will keep your chosen reptile happy and healthy whilst providing maximum aesthetic pleasure for you.


All the reptiles we stock are captive bred or captive farmed; we do not stock any wild caught specimens.


Many Reptiles and Amphibians make great pets. Some, such as bearded dragons, leopard geckos, water dragons, corn snakes, pythons and tortoises, become hand tame and will spend a lot of time with you outside of their vivarium home. Others, such as anoles, day geckos and White's tree frogs, being more skittish, are not for handling but can be kept in a wonderfully detailed display vivarium or terrariums, resulting in much the same viewing pleasure as a beautiful aquarium.


Whatever your interest, call in to Pet Safari for a chat with one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members, who are here to help. You get the facts about keeping reptiles and exotics. From beginner to expert, everyone is welcome. See you soon!


Reptile starter kits


Exo Terra gnarled wood Effect extra tall terrariums now in store ...

Great range of starter kits now available .....

Exo Terra Amphibian kits

Viv Exotic Leopard Gecko

and Bearded Dragon kits

* Vivexotic Viva Vivariums Reduced to clear These are really nicely finished in woodgrain with a contemporary metalic trim. There is a choice of 4 sizes and is available in three colours . Prices are available on request..


New In Store


Exo Terra Habisphere's with Built in LED lights.

These Lovely Desk Top tanks are ideal for both forest and desert species that dont require Uv and stay small .














Other exotics & the truly weird

Included in our reptile area is a selection of exotic insects and arachnids which will commonly include scorpions, tarantulas, hissing cockroaches, millipedes and for the really weird pet, giant Marbled stick insects, which surely must have been the inspiration for the creature featured in the 'Alien' movies!


Exotic animal boarding

In 2011 we extended our Exotic Animal Boarding Facility & we are now able to offer short or long term boarding for your Reptiles, Amphibians & other exotics. To give you peace of mind when holidaying, boarding vivariums feature full spectrum lighting where necessary & all enclosures are thermostatically controlled & individually environmentally tailored to the care requirements of your pet. All vivariums are thoroughly sanitised with Virkon (or equivalent) before a new guest is boarded. The only thing we won't be offering them is a Pina Colada! Reasonable rates, pre-booking essential!!


New In Store .......

New !! Live Terrarium plants now in stock -

*Pesticide free

*Reptile and Amphibian Safe

*Perfect for creating a natural enviroment .

Terrarium live plant display


New !! Repti-View Vivariums

repti veiw vivariums

New Day Gecko Exo Terra Terrariums    bamboo exo terra

Exotic Animal Boarding


Current Chelonians available 18/01/17

Softshell turtle

    Honduran painted wood turtles

   Common Musk Turtles                 

  Hermans Tortoises , Spur thigh


      Indian Star


      * Viv Exotic Tortoise Tables available with

        or without extention and stand .

tortoise table otley west yorkshire viv exotic pets shop


Excellent range of Turtle tanks and equipment in store .



exo terra turtle display