Services we offer include:

  • Free initial site visit and consultation
  • Free quotation
  • Wildlife pond construction
  • Ornamental pond construction
  • Koi pond construction
  • Waterfall, stream and water feature Installation
  • Full hard and soft landscaping
  • Ongoing pond maintenance
  • Ongoing garden maintenance
  • Private or commercial

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Pond Installation

Pond installation and landscaping with Pet Safari

Thinking of having a pond or water feature
but don't know where to start? Love the idea of water in the garden but daunted by the prospect of doing it yourself? Well, sit down, put your feet up, have a cuppa and flick through the latest edition of Gardener's World magazine whilst we do the hard work for you.


You will be amazed at the difference the inclusion of water will make to your garden scheme. Water brings a garden alive with
sound and movement and attracts a host of new insect and amphibian visitors, whilst also providing an environment suitable for cultivation of some very different species of plants. A water garden is a garden within a garden, creating a microcosm of a very different world.


Whatever your interest, call in to Pet Safari for a chat with one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members, who are here to help. You get the facts about pond and water feature design and construction. From beginner to expert, everyone is welcome. See you soon!


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Relax, we can build it for you

Take advantage of 27 years of experience in pond retail and construction. On our free site visit we will listen to any thoughts and ideas you have and then suggest a workable, practical, cost effective scheme with a free quotation. There is absolutely no obligation to proceed further if our proposals are not to your liking. If necessary we will re-quote until you are happy. If at the end of the process you decide, after all, to carry out the project yourself, we are happy to supply all equipment and materials you will need. There is absolutely nothing to lose!


There are many different types of ponds which can broadly be categorized as wildlife, Koi or ornamental. Both Koi and ornamental ponds can be either formal or informal. Consideration must be given at the earliest planning stage to which of these styles is most appropriate to your requirements and sympathetic to the overall garden scheme. Which of these pond types is chosen will then dictate to a large degree what type of equipment is necessary (pumps, filtration etc). The final part to the design is consideration of what other aesthetic features, such as water movement, lighting and peripheral hard and soft landscaping, are desirable and will best compliment the finished construction. We will help you add water to your garden, tailoring the project to your individual requirements, utilising products and techniques that will best realise the desired results. Looks like it’s G & T time!

For friendly, expert advice on any aspect of pond or water feature design and construction, consult our team today and call
01943_ 464 649