Pond section includes:

  • Pond filters
  • Pond pumps
  • Pond liners and underlay
  • Pond lighting
  • Pond plants
  • Pond fish
  • Pond hoses and fittings
  • Pre-formed ponds
  • Anti-heron devices
    Electronic algae solutions
  • Water feature sumps and grids, pond fish food and treatments and much, much more

Products from most major manufacturers, including:

  • Oase
  • Medikoi
  • Blagdon
  • Atlantis
  • Oasis
  • Lotus
  • Velda
  • Smart Solar
  • Laguna
  • Nigata Koi
  • Technical Aquatic Products
  • Bondaglass G4
  • Fishmate
  • Waterlife Research
  • TMC
  • Eco Pond

Services we offer include:

  • Pond design and construction
  • Filtration and other equipment fitting
  • Practical advice based on 32 years experience
  • Poorly pond diagnostics


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For friendly, expert advice on any aspect of pond design, construction, livestock or equipment, consult our team today and call
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Fish Ponds

Bring your Garden to life

Nothing brings a garden alive better than a pond or water feature. The simple act of introducing water delightfully transforms any size of garden area, creating a space and microclimate perfect for attracting a wide variety of insects and amphibians. The range of plants accommodated in the garden can be dramatically increased with the introduction of moisture loving and in-pond varieties. This year, bring your garden to life, with water!


At Pet Safari you can be assured of the best possible help and advice with your water garden project from our qualified, knowledgeable staff based on 30 years of retail and construction experience.


Whatever your interest, call in to Pet Safari for a chat with one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members, who are here to help you have fun and get the facts about ponds and water features. From beginner to expert, everyone is welcome. See you soon!

Protect your fish this season.....


Decoy Heron


Scare off unwanted visitors with our wide selection of deterrants . Choose from a variety of devices designed to protect your fish from unwanted predators :


*Heron Stop Spinner- Hang this glittering pendent by the side of your pond to deter birds .


*Heron Stop Reflector - Wether you choose The Brilliant Pyramid or the Scary Floating Eye either are great deterrants , with the use of reflection .


*Heron Stop  -This is a Nylon fence with bells to deter herons and prevent them from wading into the pond .


*Pond Guard - This fantastic device scares predators with light and sound . With built in  infra red sensory technology this clever piece of equipment is triggered by movement .


*Pond Protector - This Electric fence is designed to go round the outside of your pond or garden . It is a very successful way in keeping predators out !!


*Decoy Heron - A life size Heron if moved regularly is a simple way of keeping Herons away !! Because of their natural territorial behaviour you will never see more than one heron at a pond at one time.


Alternatively you could cover your pond with a cover net . Cover nets protect your fish and reduce pond waste by keeping leaves out . Available in store or online in various sizes .


Cover net

...With water!!

We have an excellent rapport with our pond fish and pond plant suppliers, whom we have used for many years resulting in only the finest quality fish and plants offered for sale. All pond fish are pre-quarantined and we never import stock directly. Wherever possible we try to source UK produced stock in conjunction with our wholesale partners, resulting in hardier specimens.


Planning every detail of your proposed pond before you turn a single turf or heft a shovel of soil is vitally important. That’s where we can help. Do you want a wildlife pond, a Koi pond or an ornamental pond? Don’t know the difference? Formal or informal? What’s best for you, flexible liner membrane or pre-formed shell? Will it need filtering? What type of filter? Will it be enhanced with lighting? What construction techniques and materials will achieve the best results? Which plants? How many? Which fish are the most suitable? These are just a few of the many questions we can help you answer.


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Velda Heron Deterrents


Heron Detterrant spinner

     heron detterant scary floating eye    pyramid

Heron Stop Velda Pond Protector

Pond Guard

Pond Protector Velda electric fence