Aquarium installation services include:

  • Delivery and installation of "off the shelf" systems
  • Design of bespoke systems
  • Installation of bespoke systems
  • Ongoing maintenance contracts
  • Private and commercial installations
  • Nationwide service
  • Marine fish, reef aquaria, themed aquaria (Amazon, African Rift lakes etc), tropical and coldwater aquaria
  • Authorised Platinum dealer for Red Sea Max S-Series, Juwel Marine and Aquatlantis display aquaria
  • Holiday and short term non-contract aquarium care
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Aquarium Installation

Aquarium installation from Pet Safari

Here at Pet Safari we have been installing "off the shelf" and bespoke aquariums pretty much from the inception of the business, over 27 years ago. In order to meet demand, a separate section was set up around 15 years ago and we continue to have a dedicated installation and maintenance team.


As you can imagine from a business of such long standing (our shortest serving staff member has been with us for nine years), we are able to bring an enormous amount of practical experience to any installation project and we understand the science behind the set up and care of a diverse range of captive aquatic environments.


All quotations are free and without obligation, so if you or your client are considering an aquarium installation take advantage of our knowledge and experience, take the first steps to owning a unique aquatic display and call Pet Safari today.


Don't forget, Pet Safari can also be consulted to design, construct and maintain your pond or water feature and now offer a unique specialist service for building and installing reptile vivariums.


Installation for beginners

If you are considering buying any type of aquarium system such as tropical, coldwater, marine, reef, or are tempted by an interesting and unique theme such as Estuarine Brackish Water, Amazon River or African Rift Lake, but don't know where to start, call into Pet Safari and we can talk you through the exciting options. Furthermore, if you don't want to install the aquarium yourself, we can do it for you (we also have a new specialist vivarium build and installation service for all reptiles). Pet Safari will take care of every aspect of the installation from planning to stocking and offer an on-going maintenance package if required.


Bespoke installations

If considering a larger or more specialist installation and "built in" aquariums we offer a complete bespoke design and build service, we are able to work with designers, architects and building professionals from drawing to completion. On very large projects we are happy to, as we have in the past, collaborate with established and respected companies in the field including Aquatic Concepts, Kooga and The Tropical Marine Centre. We offer a nationwide installation service and can usually organise an ongoing maintenance package for you with our extensive trade partner contacts, even if the installation is outside our own maintenance service area.

For friendly, expert advice on any aspect of aquarium installation, consult our team today and call
01943_ 464 649