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Situated in Stephen H. Smith Garden & Leisure in the famous Market town of Otley, West Yorkshire, Pet Safari is dedicated to providing you with a great shopping experience catering for a broad range of pets and their homing and care requirements.


We are open 7 days a week and the site provides unlimited free parking, a 350 seat restaurant & a host of attractions including The Edinburgh Woollen Mill & traditional Garden Centre shopping. All this at the gateway to the beautiful Yorkshire Dales with Ilkley, Harrogate, Leeds only minutes away!


Join us at Pet Safari for a great day out!!


Meet The Crew


Heather Henley (BTEC Nat. Dip.) - Small animals, felines, canines, reptiles, amphibians, arachnids and insects, aquariums, ponds and general enquiries.
Donna Zaremba (BSc. Hons.) - Small animals,felines,canines,reptiles,amphibian

,arachnids and insects,aquariums and general enquiries
Mike Zaremba (City & Guilds) - Ponds (inc. construction), aquariums (inc.installation) and general enquiries
Liz Woof - Administration
David Shaw (BTEC Nat. Dip. Hort.) - Landscaping enquiries
Alex Downing (MSc) - Askham Bryan College link, further education
Plus - all our vitally important deckhands, full and part time.


Contact Pet Safari

Telephone: 01943 _464 649


Stephen H. Smith Garden and Leisure
Pool Road
West Yorkshire
LS21 1DY

Opening Hours:
Mon. - Sat: 9am - 5.30pm
Sun: 10am - 4.30pm





   large selection of pond plants now available




Water Chestnuts

Water Soldier





Ramshorn and

Stagnalis Snails




Pet Safari - shop in store or online



January 2017 will see the start of our 33rd year in business making us one of the longest established independent pet and aquatic centres in England.


At Pet Safari we look forward to helping you choose the right pet for you and your lifestyle, and make sure that you have everything you need to keep them happy and healthy in the perfect environment. Our qualified staff are constantly reviewing pet industry and animal science advances to ensure the equipment we stock and the advice we give is accurate and current.


Staff at Pet Safari are happy to discuss any aspect of animal care with both beginners and expert hobbyists alike and, as we are passionate animal lovers and not salesmen, everything we tell you will, first and foremost, be in the interest of the animals you are enquiring about.


Services we offer include:

Our pet livestock areas include:

  • Pond fish and plants
  • Reptiles & Amphibians
  • Arachnids and insects
  • Small Animals
  • Amphibians
  • Giant African land snails
  • Cold water, tropical and marine aquarium fish
  • Marine reef invertebrates

What's new? News from Pet Safari instore & the world of pets

Shrimp Tank


We have a new open top shrimp aquarium which we will be selling

a large variety of shrimps from.

So Far we have :

Red Cherry Shrimps

Red Rilli Shrimps

Blue Rilli Shrimps

And Bamboo Shrimps ( housed in a larger aquarium )



Reptile & Amphibian News

New Limited Edition Exo Terra Terrariums in store ......

Exo Terra bamboo day gecko terrarium


*Limited addition Exo Terras look fab with the New Backgrounds !! The Bamboo effect is perfect for a wide range of Day Geckos (Phelsuma sp. ) and the gnarled wood effect is perfect for Leaf tail Geckos ( Uroplaytus sp.)

Both Available to buy in store Today.


As you would expect we have a range of great offers on Tortoise Tables / vivarium / housings for these juvenile specimens (and also for Lizards and snakes) all of which incorporate day time / night time variable temperature control & full spectrum UVA/UVB lighting.


*Check out the reptile page for our current livestock list



Aquariums - Free cabinets with selected Juwel aquariums


Order before 31st JULY 2017 & get a free cabinet with the Lido 120 , Rio 125 , 260 and 400. Cabinets are available in all finishes; black, dark wood, beech & the increasingly popular white. Don’t forget we offer an installation service for all the aquariums we supply and we can also offer an on-going maintenance package should you so require. Customise your Juwel Aquarium from a great range of sculptured backgrounds & matching synthetic rockwork features.


Also available from stock Juwel Marine Protein Skimmers & T5 high output Marine lighting upgrades to convert your Juwel, old or new into a Marine (saltwater) system.


Pet Safari are authorised Juwel Marine Retailers.

*Check out our Aquarium page for more Aquatic News and Offers .


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